Victoria offers 1:1 counselling for a range of medical conditions and dietary and lifestyle concerns. Each consultation lasts 60 minutes and includes a

  • thorough discussion of your nutrition and lifestyle goals,
  • relevant medical and social history
  • personal meal patterns and food choices
  • lifestyle 

Together Victoria will work with you to develop a realistic and practical plan to help you achieve your goal. All advice discussed is evidenced based. 

A one off consultation might be all you need. Victoria offers different packages of care at a reduced cost. Skype and telephone consultations are also available.

Fees are in line with guidance set out by the British Dietetic Association.

women's health

Womens' Health

IT is estimated that 1 in 10 women in the UK suffer with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is wildely acknowledged that diet and maintaining a healthy weight can improve symptoms. Victoria will work with you and discuss the latest dietary advice to help improve and control symptoms.

Healthy eating is more important than ever during pregnancy but the 9 months can carry a mixture of experiences from sickness, extreme tiredness and "bizarre" cravings, all of which impact on food choices. Victoria can discuss food choices and simple meal ideas to ensure your diet is optimised during this time.

Whether its unwanted weight gain, bone health and heart health concerns or loss of lean body mass during Menopause, Victoria can advise on dietary factors to help you remain stronger and healthier.

healthy heart

Diabetes and Heart Health

The aim for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes is to control blood glucose levels to minimise long term health problems. Good blood glucose control is key in Gestational Diabetes to ensure a healthy and happy mum and baby. For most finding the balance between continuing to live the life they want and achieving good blood glucose can be difficult and frustrating. 

Diet plays a key role in minimising the risk factors for Heart disease including blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. Y

Victoria can tailor the latest evidence-based dietary guidelines to your dietary preferences and lifestyle to develop a meal plan that is both enjoyable and achievable for you.

weight and dumbbells

Weight management

Struggling with finding the right way of eating for you that you can stick to long term?  Many fad diets rely on willpower and self control. both of which can get 'burnt out'. Victoria will work with you to help establish lifelong core habits and routine to support your weight loss goal.

Victoria runs a weight loss programme, called the Anchor programme which combines the latest research in behavioural science and habit formation with practical, tailored advice on food and nutrition to help you reach your goal. Call Victoria to find out more and start achieving your goal!

Children's nutrition and fussy eating

Being a mum to two young boys Victoria is all to aware that having the knowledge is one thing but trying to put it into practice is another thing...

Are meal times becoming a struggle? Running out of ideas or ways to deal with another plate of food being pushed away? With previous experience as a children's dietitian and being a mother Victoria can offer solutions and meal ideas to help mealtimes become fun again.

Long term health

Diet is pivotal for good health and the prevention of disease. Whether you want to eat more fibre for bowel health, boost calcium to prevent osteoporosis or simply want a diet overhaul Victoria can work with you to develop a nutrition plan tailored to your dietary preferences and lifestyle.

If you have another dietary issue or nutrition query please do contact Victoria and if she can't help she will point you in the right direction