I am a registered dietitian who is keen to promote evidence based nutrition and show how 1) healthy eating can be tasty and 2) how it can be achieved in our fast-paced lifestyles! My philosophy to food and healthy eating has always been finding the right balance and I believe all foods have their place in a healthy balanced diet. 

After completing my degree at Surrey University I worked in a variety of clinical conditions within the NHS including renal failure, Heart disease, childhood nutrition and up until September 2015 I was a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian at Kings College Hopsital, one of London's largest teaching hospitals. 

After the birth of my second child I decided a change of direction was necessary. I became a freelance dietitian to allow me to continue working with clients (within the NHS and privately) whilst also being a full time mum to my young children. 

I have always loved cooking and developing meal plans to suit individual needs e.g. weekly meal planner for the whole family to enjoy or a calorie controlled meal plan for weight loss. My love of cooking (and newly found enjoyment of writing) led to me collaborating with the Carbs and Cals team on developing recipes books including their SALADS book and an additional 3 more books which are due for release this Autumn. For an insight into my own kitchen creations check out my photos page or follow me on instagram